Labratory for Green Nanophotonics Optoelctronics and Nanosensing

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Laboratory for Nanophotonics and Quantum Integration







KIM 2133, KIM 2243

Primary Investigator

Mario Dagenais

KIM Engineering Building

Research Areas:

      • Nanophotonics on SiN/SiO2 platform on silicon
        • Aperiodic grating filters for OH-lines suppression using SiN/SiO2 integrated structures on Si
        • SiN/SiO2 arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs) and echelle gratings on Si for astrophysics applications and others.
        • MMI, directional couplers, Mach-Zehnder interferometers
      • Quantum Information on a chip
        • Nanophotonics on a Si platform for integrating atom optical traps
        • Single photon sources
        • Indistinguishable photons
        • Entanglement
        • Secure communication
      • MBE GaN Optoelectronics
        • Solid State Lighting: LEDs and lasers, visible and UV lasers
        • Quantum information
      • Astrophotonics