Labratory for Green Nanophotonics Optoelctronics and Nanosensing

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Laboratory for Green Nanophotonics,

Optoelectronics and Nanosensing




,KIM2133, KIM2245

Primary Investigator

Mario Dagenais

KIM Engineering Building

Research Areas:

      • Nanophotonics on SiN/SiO2 platform on silicon
        • Aperiodic grating filters for OH-lines suppression using SiN/SiO2 integrated structures on Si
        • SiN/SiO2 arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs) and echelle gratings on Si for astrophysics applications and others.
        • MMI, directional couplers, Mach-Zehnder interferometers
      • Quantum Information on a chip
        • Nanophotonics on a Si platform for integrating atom optical traps
        • Single photon sources
        • Indistinguishable photons
        • Entanglement
        • Secure communication
      • MBE GaN Optoelectronics
        • Solid State Lighting: LEDs and lasers, visible and UV lasers
        • Quantum information
      • Photovoltaic Research:
        • Quantum dot solar cells: intermediate band solar cells
        • CIGS/CIS solar cells
        • Perovskite solar cells
        • CIGS-Perovskite tandem solar cells


For more details on on our work in the area of Astrophotonics or on energy related projects, see our web pages on the University of Maryland Astrophotonics(MAPL) and University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC)